How to do a word search in any paper text using your phone camera

Modern technologies are now becoming more important in our lives today and why they offer quick and easy solutions. Smartphones are one such device that can be used for many tasks. As soon as we have published applications for interpretation through the phone camera, today I offer you another application that will use the camera to search for any word in the paper documents.

The application that we will talk about today is called Find It, and its mission is to search for any word through the camera phone easily and quickly.

Using the application is very easy, just download it, then give it the required powers.

Point the phone camera to the desired text and click the button represented by the "magnifying glass";

Enter the term you want to search for and it will be selected in the on-screen results. If you have more than one search term, use the "+ Add search term" button.

Published on: 8/10/19, 10:22 PM