China unveils first robot-traffic cop!


China unveils first robot-traffic cop!
Police in Handan City in north China's Hebei Province have unveiled the first traffic police robot, according to local media.

According to Handan City Police, the new robot will be charged with many functions, including patrols on city roads as well as traffic accident reporting, as part of the development of artificial intelligence management for traffic.

The Handan City Police Department pointed out that there are three types of traffic police robots. The second robot, which works in the vehicle management station and its main task is to answer questions and guide the population and to report security risks and suspects, while the third robot is a traffic warning robot and deals directly with drivers.

Handan police say the new robots were developed using big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and laser-based navigation, and will be in service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Published on: 8/10/19, 10:25 PM