Huawei finally unveils its new operating system

As mentioned earlier, citing specialized sources, the Chinese company Huawei revealed today the new operating system, and that after it was banned from dealing with Google and therefore use its operating system Android,

The Chinese website Global Times that Huawei will officially unveil its new operating system on August 9 on the sidelines of a developer conference for the Chinese company, as the report pointed out that Huawei will unveil its first smartphone running its own system in the near future, and The phone is an average technical specifications and will not cost more than 2000 yuan RMB equivalent to approximately $ 285, and will be presented on the sidelines of the phone Mate 30 Pro.

The first part of the prediction has already happened, as Huawei CEO Richard Yu unveiled the company's new system, called HarmonyOS, and works on all devices developed by Huawei and not only on smartphones, and more than that it will support Android applications and Linux and HTML5, but U refused to give a date to start using this alternative system for Android and pointed out that this can be at any time,

Published on: 8/10/19, 10:28 PM