8 Best Thailand National Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Published on January 14, 2023

In Thailand, there is a holiday just for kids in addition to celebrations for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Every year on the second Saturday in January, Wan Dek, or Children's Day, is observed. Children's Day events will take place this year on Saturday, January 14, 2023, and after nearly 2 years without celebrations, this weekend will finally be dedicated to children.

Children's Day is observed in all schools, but this year you can also surprise your children. Children enjoy getting gifts, and even a modest gift can brighten their day. However, we all know that buying gifts for children may be challenging, especially if you want to give them something more than toys. So, here are some fantastic gift suggestions you can purchase.

Children's Day Presents for Parents to Give Their Children

Gifts that can be given include the following:

Piggy Bank

Giving your child a piggy bank is a terrific idea. It will teach your children how to save and manage money in addition to serving as a customary present. You can teach your child how to deposit money into a bank, amass it, and use it later on for his own gain. Your youngster will appreciate receiving this as a present on Children's Day.


Preschoolers can get a delightful picture book or a short narrative as a wonderful Children's Day present. Pick books with straightforward stories, appealing illustrations, and entertaining characters. These tales also contain moral lessons that will aid in raising children. You can read your child the story.

A chocolate box

Do you intend to give your children milk chocolates for Children's Day? Purchase it for them now. Buy a smaller box tied with a nice, vibrant ribbon if you are concerned about the sugar. On this day, allow your youngster to indulge in sweets; the rest of the year, you may make sure he eats well.

Computer games

Kids today are far more tech-savvy than we were when they were little. If your youngster enjoys playing games, video games might be a wonderful Children's Day gift. But be sure to set a time restriction to prevent children from playing video games for too long. While giving your child the video game, you need also establish guidelines to protect their eyes.

A digital wristwatch with a cartoon

If you are teaching your child to read the time, this is a terrific gift. This Children's Day gift will make him feel like a true "adult" who can tell the time, and he will be proud of it. Choose a watch with the face of your child's famous cartoon character that is constructed of a durable material. Online ordering is also an option.

Barbie dolls

Most girls aspire to be princesses. At least up until a certain age. For Children's Day, why not give your daughter a gorgeous princess doll? It might be Rapunzel from Tangled, Cinderella, or Elsa from Frozen. Little girls' dolls are sure to make them squeal with delight.

Plant in a pot

This is a special gift option for your youngster, but it is still worthwhile. Find a cute plant in a pot and wrap it in a colourful ribbon. Include a card with an intriguing botanical fact. Give it to your youngster and spend a few minutes explaining how he should take care of it himself by providing it with water and sunlight as needed. Tell him to take care of the plant like he would a baby. Your youngster will feel significant and proud of themselves for accepting the task. Additionally, they will be equipped to assume accountability in the future.

Subscriptions to periodicals

This Children's Day, get your kid a magazine, book, fact magazine, or comic subscription. You can choose a weekly or monthly membership to try out the publications before extending your subscription. Every month, your child will undoubtedly have something to look forward to. Additionally, he will feel honored to receive correspondence that is only for him.


Children's Day is a special day for children, but it's vital to keep in mind that you should treat your child as though every day is a wonderful occasion. Every now and then, give them small gifts like these. You don't need a certain day to celebrate your love for your kids, after all!

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