This mechanical gaming keyboard is only 890 Baht

Published on January 14, 2023

Mechanical keyboards are a lot of fun to use, from the customizable lighting to the sound of the keys clicking together. You're in luck if you want to purchase one for a reasonable price since we have a delectable offer for you today. The EGA TYPE K3 mechanical gaming wired keyboard is currently available from EGA Official Store on Shopee Thailand for only 890 Baht, 18% less than the list price. Plug it in, then start using it. There are no drivers or other program to deal with.

Red switches, a portable, 60 percent compact design, and programmable LED backlighting are all aspects of the EGA TYPE K3 keyboard. Since red switches are linear, they are typically quieter than blue switches and don't provide any tactile feedback. They are very easy to press with little effort. This implies that they react really quickly, which is great for gamers. Additionally, the keyboard is relatively portable and light, making it ideal for trips.

EGA announced that the TYPE K3 series will come with a two year warranty, their offer risk-free returns within 14 days

This is a fantastic offer. Don’t miss out.

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